Smart and Logical Learning, as the name suggests, it is a Learning Management System platform for a smarter and more logical way of learning and training. There is great difference in imparting online education or training in comparison to offline education. The physical presence in offline mode does a lot of work that needs to be covered up in the online mode. Both the modes have there own benefits and demerits. Online mode equips you with a lot more if it takes away the pleasure of being with the participant. Online mode has the power to share the training content in very enriching manner as a lot can be added to the basic content like - Articles, Videos, Journals, Blogs, Books, PDF, PPT, DOC, external web pages, Adaptive Lesson Plan, Your own files saved on the Learning Management System.  


Let us try to understand both modes in comparative way :-


1. Online education is cheap - as you can start your center at our platform starting at INR 500.00 per month wherein in offline mode you will not be able to get a place for your center in that amount.

2. Online education gives flexibility - It provides flexibility for both students and teachers. Students have access to study material in written or video format that he/she can play and replay as and when they wish.

3. No rework required - As a teacher we are supposed to do same work year after year in the offline mode but this is not same in online mode. If your content is ready on the online platform then only 20% max rework is required the next year. You can even teach students who do not have books as you can provide them the same on you platform.

4. Methods, Tools and Facilities of Teaching - In online mode a teacher has many hands on tools that are made to make a teachers life easy. He can use many e-authoring tools to design his/her course material which is not possible in offline mode. All important lectures can be recorded and shared with students for further reference and same thing is very painful in offline mode.




On this platform we are going to make your expectations meet with reality. In today's time there are many companies and platforms who are offering same services as we are offering but we are a little different from all of them as we are going to educate you so that yo are in position to smoothly handle your platform.

Firstly we are not offering it in a manner that once you are on our platform you will have to be on our platform in all condition if you need the same services. It is being done by almost every company today.

We tend to train you, and then take you to your own platform so that handling your own platform becomes fun.